Chapeauveau Event

  • Employees are no longer just looking for a job, they're looking for a different kind of employer. Customers aren't looking for a supplier, they're looking for a partner.
  • Dare to be different, 38 km from Brussels. We have the ideal venue and the experience to help our customers achieve their objectives; seminars, hybrid meetings, event space, webinars, training, team-building, workshops, courses, events, recruitment dating.
    Chapeauveau's new EVENT space has been designed around 5 areas, which can be fully customised using our ingenious system.
    1.Meeting :We are confident of the quality of service and the exceptional setting of Chapeauveau, and we believe that by providing our customers with a brand new interior space, L'EVENT, fully equipped with new 3.0 technologies such as :
    Videoconference system,
    Big Screen ,
    Flat screen booster ,
    Benschmark ,
    BenQ projector
    Apple TV
    2. Espace superieur G: Eating - from breakfast to dinner, all catering options are available.
    3. Upper area D: Cocooning - a place to relax and chat by the log fire.
    4. adjoining professional kitchen Cooking /Catering
    5. Sleeping accommodation in 4 single rooms or gîtes.
    We can help you organise the event that meets all your needs.
    In this unique place on the market, to discover, incomparable qualities and unbeatable prices.