rent Museum

  • Centre de la Gravure

    RENTAL OF SPACES FOR SEMINARS , TEAM BUILDING, MEETING , NIGHT , ...EXHIBITION, MEETING AND CONFERENCE ROOMS, RECEPTION EN GUIDED TOURS... The Centre for engravings opens its doors to cultural players or companies for the organisation of (night-time) events, strategic meetings or exchange moments. Are you looking for a beautiful place for your projects? We can offer you a contemporary illuminated space with a total surface of 3.000 m2 (among which 1.200 m2 for exhibition spaces), but for instance also a more intimate room equipped with multimedia (no Wi-Fi), whose large window openings reveal a large - urban as well as green - panorama. This room is ideal to welcome until 25 persons during meetings and until 45 persons in 'cinema version'. It's a 40 minutes' drive from Brussels, in the 'Musée wallon de l'image' [Walloon Image Museum]...
    rue des Amours 10 - 7100 La Louvière
    T: +3264278725
  • LE PASS - Parc d'Aventures Scientifiques

    The Pass is an unusual site, unparalleled in Belgium: a former colliery, now listed as a monument, which has been completely renovated by architect Jean Nouvel.
    12.000 m² of thematic, intriguing and daring exhibitions turn every visit into an enriching and educational experience. This original museum site provides a broad choice of activities. For the corporate world the Pass is a symbolic place, where science and technology are intertwined with the visitor’s everyday life.
    The Silo quarter used to be a laundry but now it has become a multifunctional space of 220 m² and a panoramic hall of 260 m². The huge sliding window and the impressive dumping bins offer an intriguing perspective. The former locomotive depot now houses two fully equipped seminar rooms. And the ‘Salle des Trémies’ (Hopper Room), a kind of concrete cathedral with modern accents, is an ideal backdrop for cocktails, parties, conferences, product launches or presentations… The ‘Palais des Images’ (Palace of Images), in turn, seems to be a technological miracle, completely themed on images and reproduction, sheltering an amazing amphitheatre.
    Contact: – Phone +32 (0) 70 22 22 52
    3, rue de Mons - 7080 Frameries
    T: +32 (0) 65 61 21 60